Families Helping Families



Families Helping Families is Child Abuse Prevention Center’s (CAPC) Annual Holiday event that matches compassionate donors with over 300 of CAPC’s neediest families, creating an unforgettable holiday experience for all.

Many of our program families are struggling to provide basic items needed for survival, like food and clothing, for their families. Families Helping Families aims to alleviate burdens, especially during the Holidays.


donate gifts

Would you like to be a Santa?

A Santa for Families Helping Families adopts a family or families of their choice for the holiday season. A wish list is provided by their caseworker with the biggest needs and wants of each individual family.

sort & wrap

Would you like to be an Elf?

An Elf for Families Helping Families plays an integral role. An elf is involved in all volunteer roles at the North pole including but not limited to gift wrapping, directing traffic and loading cars with gifts.


Would you like to be a Reindeer?

A Reindeer for Families Helping Families delivers the gifts to the families who are in need. This is the most tangible way to see how impactful this event is for the families.